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The challenge of education in private sector. (A response to Tharunayaweb)

This post has been written as a response to the below video published by a Facebook fan page: Tharunayaweb 

I got my degree from a private institute affiliated with a foreign university and I work with a private academic institute as a lecturer. But I agree with the message of this video. Because I know some foreign academic qualifications/degrees offered by private academic institutes in Sri Lanka are either bogus or poor in quality. Despite the generalized terms and language style used in this video, it’s revealing a bitter truth about the gap between the marketing and actual implementation or outcome offered by those institutes.

I am not against the private education. Everyone has an unlimited potential by their birth. Using the right approach, people can be changed, trained, developed and guided to achieve whatever they wish to be. That is what I firmly believe as an educator. Learning opportunities should be available for everyone regardless their age level and history (exam results). It can be offered by the government for free, either it can be offered by any other party for money. This is why I fundamentally stand for freedom to learn, and freedom to run any ethical and legal business in this country.

The guidance given in this video for choosing a degree from a private institute is absolutely correct. Because quality matters in everything. Addition to that I recommend to do a research about employment rate of the graduates produced by them. The history, how many graduates they have produced so far, whether they are employed, unemployed or under employed, whether they are engaged in positions guaranteed by corresponding degrees, etc.

In the other hand, this video giving a good message for private education sector. Private sector has a big challenge and responsibility in this current context. Students who are dedicated, good with memorizing facts and writing exams are almost selected for the government universities. In here, let’s not talk about exceptional and talented students who start their degrees in private universities. Private sector has the challenge with the rest, to develop their skill and shape there lives for the future. Private sector has to pay more attention about the quality of their education. Ensure students have prerequisites for the degrees offered by them. Facilitate students to gain prerequisites if they are not capable to follow those degrees.

Specially private education sector has to handle their marketing strategies carefully to convince their responsibility to an educated society.