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Demo Shopping Cart (Source Code)

Demo Shopping Cart is a non comprehensive e-commerce website developed for academic purposes. This is just a demonstration of a simple shopping cart developed for teaching basic web development for students and it may contains bugs and errors.

The source code of Demo Shopping Cart may be useful for someone who learn web development.

demo shopping cart

Demo Shopping Cart is

  • An E-Commerce website created using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL database.
  • This website created with an intention of teaching students about integration of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP languages to produce something useful.
  • It is customizable. It has an Admin CP to controlĀ  and configure the website.

Demo Shopping Cart is NOT

  • This is not a comprehensive and professional E-Commerce website. You can’t use it to set up your next E-Commerce business.
  • This website is not 100% secured.
  • This website doesn’t uses best practices of developing a website.

Download Demo Shopping Cart (Includes: PHP Scripts, SQL Dump File and Installation Guide)