My Projects

This is a brief list of some personal projects done by me.




My first development experience in ASP.NET. I developed this website for an academic project. As so far, the features and functionality built in here done according to the given assignment scenario.

  • Doctors and their working hospitals and clinics information.
  • Hospitals and it’s clinics and doctors information.
  • Patients requesting for online appointments.
  • Donators information.
  • Interactive communicate via Email notifications.




Wegaspace is a fastest growing community site works on your mobile. Where ever you are, keep in touch with your friends! have fun! And it has exceeded over more than 11,000 members joined around the world now.

  • Wegaspace is a community site works on your mobile.
  • Contain mobile chat, blogs, forums and many more features.
  • Where ever you are, keep in touch with your friends! have fun!


Reload Manager V 1.0


This software made to organize and manage mobile reload records which handled in any shop. Time to say good bye to less accurate and time wasting  manual records books!

  • Supports for any mobile operator and upto any amount.
  • Ability to update date/time delivery status quickly.
  • Ability to generate reports and search on any criteria.
  • Works on windows platform (.NET Framework).


ChequeMan 1.0

ChequeMan 1.0

ChequeMan 1.0 is an application developed for print and manage local bank cheques easily.

  • Store and Manage cheque details.
  • Printing cheques.
  • Automatic numeric to verbal conversion.