Discover your NID.


Well this is one of my friend’s NID Number! Do you know what are the information that we can discover about him/her by just reading this number? I know, many of you know what is the birth year. The first two numbers represents the last two number of the birth year.

All you just need to put 19 to infront of 88. Birth year is 1988. 🙂

Is that all? No, do you know even we can discover the birthday and gender of the particular person.

Get the 3rd 4th and 5th number. it is “043”. Actually this is the birth day! This person was born in 43th day from the beginning of the year 1988. Well, it is 12th of February in 1988 🙂

Then how can we discover the Gender? It’s simple! When generating this number (I mean 3rd 4th and 5th numbers) it is just added 500 just only for female. If there is a value greater then 500 then this is a female. You can subtract 500 from it get the birth day! As you can see my friend is a boy which I posted NID number in here. 🙂

The Application

This is a simple application which has made to do all above mentioned process by a single click. It is made on .NET framework and preferred Visual Basic as the development language.

NIDIdentifierGet the source code from here: Download Source

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